Curtain up. A city of flashing lights and rush-hour traffic.

In this endless stream of information, everything stands on the brink of yesterday’s news.

The challenge for any organizer of events and parties is then to turn a few hours into a remarkable experience.

People remember magic – it is hard to forget when the extraordinary collides into your everyday.

As a magician, JackMagik is masterful with the impossible, polished and dynamic. As an entertainer, he cuts an arresting silhouette – engaging, charming and professional.

Your few hours are in very good hands.

Close-up Magic



Close-up magic is not top hats and rabbits on a distant stage, but three simple things: a magician, an audience, and an act of wonder in between.

It is an involving, intimate experience that is entertaining, mystifying, and ultimately, unforgettable.

It is magic performed to small groups of people by a magician who carries his show with him and moves seamlessly from one group to another, creating a unique form of roving entertainment.

JackMagik wows audiences with his inimitable style, performing with cards, coins and other everyday objects, doing the impossible right before their eyes, and even in their very hands. a mind-blowing experience for the many who have never seen magic so close before!

Close-up magic is suitable for any group, of practically any size. it requires no special staging, lighting or venue, and can be tailored to almost any kind of event.


In the intimacy of everyday life… all magic is close-up magic.
– Eugene Burger

Stage Magic



Forget all preconceptions about stage magic, and leave everything at the door. Human consciousness has evolved, and so have expectations.

The experience of wonder is timeless, but in this day and age of technological wizardry, the boundaries of impossibility have been expanded.

Doing away with elaborate props and intricate contraptions, JackMagik employs regular objects and personality to create miracles on stage. Laughter and wonder will fill the hall as he weaves humour and magic into a coherent whole. And by the time he leaves the stage, your guests will be abuzz with excitement – the event just became a night to remember.


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
– Arthur C. Clarke

Family Magic



We know our children are smarter. Faster. More intellectually agile.

What worked just a generation ago is now passé. Children’s minds have expanded, and magic has to keep up to elicit that same sense of wonderment.

JackMagik’s unconventional approach to family entertainment has brought much fun and awe to both children and adults. From large crowds at family day events, to the more intimate setting of a small birthday party, magical memories will be created and cherished.


The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

 Restaurant Magic



Restaurants. Cafés. Bars. Bistros. Our dining and lifestyle choices have increased exponentially, melting into a mass of options, all with their own merits.

Entertainment then becomes the next logical step in setting oneself apart. Live bands have held the stage for decades. Until magicians came along.

JackMagik will perform at the guests’ tables before or between courses. Everyone watching will be engaged and captivated by the magic – the mood is set and the guests know that they are in for a good time.

Up close and personal – each performance is an intimate and unique experience of magic that will leave your guests asking for more… the next time they return.


Life is a combination of magic and pasta.
– Federico Fellini

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